Bennett Consulting

I am a Consultant in Construction for Bellatrix, and I was very happy with the equipment and the service from Artic Therm.


I approached Artic Therm to heat an area that we had to pour concrete in and keep it warm enough to protect it after it was poured in place.  Artic Therm helped me by having heaters large enough to do the job with automatic shut downs for use around a live plant site.  The result was great, we would set the units at the heat we needed and just had to look at them a couple times a day and they just run as they were set too.  One thing we needed was a unit that had shut downs if high LEL was detected because there were live tanks on site and we had to have the heaters working at night and we did not need to have them manned because they would shut down if gas levels were too high.  Artic Therm delivered the units that we needed and they would come and service them when they needed to be done.


I would recommend Artic Therm to people who need to heat up equipment in a plant site and need to keep the heat on for longer periods of time and will be using them again if I ever have a situation like that again.


George Bennett

Bennett Consulting