Oil and Gas Industry

We assist in the oil and gas industry from production to construction of pipeline transportation. We have successfully provided services for pipeline thermal expansion, vessel, tank and pipe drying, curing coatings, facility maintenance, and well site heating. Contact your technical specialist to provide solutions for your upcoming projects.

Pipeline Thermal Expansion

We pre-heat, pre-stress and expand pipe during construction helps to reduce cost, stress failures of critical pipeline systems. Our specially designed services trucks are mobile and self-sufficient to work at any remote site. We provide engineering documentation and data reports to support our process to ensure quality assurance of your project.


ATI – 1200

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ATI – 2500

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Vessel, Tank and Pipe Drying

Need to dry out that pipe or tank? We remove moisture and decrease dew-points from various structures to increase productivity, shorten job duration and ensure procedures are implemented safely. Our breathable dry heat allows workers to enter the confined space to complete inspections or other tasks.

Curing Coatings

We can heat up to temperatures of 115ºC, we work with the customer to set min/max temperature requirements and will cure your coatings according to the specifications. If extreme weather conditions are a concern for your coating applications, we can help.

Facility Maintenance

During shutdowns/turnarounds, unplanned outages, and construction we can provide heat, air movement and chilling to various structures. Using dry, flameless, breathable heat is a safe way to provide temperature control at your site for the duration of your project.

Well Sites

Need to prevent freeze off of the wellhead? Using our heaters will help production, repair executions and reduce damages in extreme weather conditions.  We provide heat to coil tubing and completion operations that is more cost effective than traditional methods.  Our flameless heaters have high CFM ratings and can push heat to multiple well heads or targets simultaneously. We operate safely up to a distance of 7m to the wellhead, and visibility at the work area is not impaired by our dry heat.