Encana Supervisor

I just wanted to drop a line in regard to my recent experience with your ATI 500 flameless heater. What interested me the most from our discussions was the idea of clean air for building construction. I was skeptical of the value of the flameless heater vs. conventional ruffneck heat by cost difference but swayed by your passion for the efficiencies of what your equipment could do.

I booked the heater last minute in reaction to our worst cold snap of the winter where we saw our site temperature drop to -41 degrees and our separator building freeze up. Your people brought the heater up from your Morinville office because the Grande Prairie office was all rented out. They were very accommodating to the fact that I was hoping for GP service and backed off the delivery expense to accommodate my concern. At site (-41deg) there was some trouble starting the unit but the mechanic got it going and then used its own heat to warm the fuel to line it out. The internal ambient temperature of our building, 20’x36’ group separator, was -29 degrees and within 2 hours it was above zero and ice was melting, water was running. At 4 hours the separator vessel was at 23 degrees and the water was evaporated. All the while our crews worked without the hazard or kerosene fumes which is one of our major safety concerns when heating buildings with manpower. The heaters efficiency was impressive and it seriously improved working conditions over the week long course of our cold snap. Overall experience with the heater was excellent and I look forward to my next opportunity to utilize your equipment.