St. Albert Firefighters

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for such great support from Artic Therm!

Every year the St. Albert firefighters camp out in February for four days during our roof top campaign for Muscular Dystrophy. This year was especially challenging due to the extreme cold we had to face. With temperatures as low as -39 our first night we were sleepless and uncomfortable to say the least! When Artic Therm approached us with their amazing heating system we gladly accepted!

The heating system supplied to us by Artic Therm was efficient, warm and most importantly safe! The professional, efficient and positive staff setup up our system in minutes and we were warm and comfortable right away! As firefighters we are always concerned with safety and when our gas monitor showed that there was absolutely NO dangerous gases we were sold on the spot by this system!

In short we would like to say a huge thanks to Artic Therm for their corporate support and that we fully support and endorse their product! Our fundraiser would not be where it is during this extreme cold weather without your heating system! This great cause that Artic Therm supported goes a very long way in our community in supporting those with Muscular Dystrophy and we could not have been as successful without such an awesome system and the amazing staff behind it! We would like to especially thank Mathew and Clayton for organizing and taking the initiative in extending such an amazing product and service! We would be happy to work with Artic Therm anytime and would love to recommend their products and service!

Warm regards from a cold fundraiser!