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Founded in 1997, Artic Therm International Ltd. has carved a niche in the market by offering innovative solutions to combat the harsh realities of Canadian winters. Originating from a strong foundation in the Oil & Gas industry, Artic Therm identified a critical need for safe, flameless heating technologies. Their products are specifically designed to provide efficient heat and clean, breathable air in remote locations, facing extreme climate

For over two decades, Artic Therm has refined and expanded its product offerings, catering not just to the Oil & Gas sector, but also reaching new industries seeking safe, contaminant-free heating solutions. Their advanced flameless heaters are a testament to their commitment to innovation and safety, boasting impressive outputs of up to 3.3 million BTU and 15,000 CFM of airflow.

In 2012, a significant milestone was achieved when Artic Therm became a part of the Enterprise Group Inc., a company recognized for its vision to be the leading construction services and specialized equipment rental organization in Western Canada. This acquisition has enabled Artic Therm to leverage additional resources and expand their reach further.

Today, Artic Therm is recognized as a pioneer in pipeline thermal expansion and is known for its superior expertise in high-capacity heating solutions. Their patented technologies continue to set industry standards, ensuring that Artic Therm remains at the forefront of providing essential services in extreme conditions.


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