We use our dry, flameless, breathable heat to dry grain, heat large barns, thaw equipment in the field, thaw the ground or material piles, and remove ice buildup from structures. Our heaters are a versatile addition to your farming equipment lineup, without the worry of fire hazards or damaging fumes to your livestock or crops.

Grain Drying

By introducing pre-heated, dry air to the intake fan of your storage bin aeration systems, you are one step ahead than pulling in damp cold ambient air straight from the atmosphere. This decreases your drying time and moisture content in your storage bins to save you time and money in wet seasonal conditions. No additional power is needed. Our units are self contained.

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No need to drag a piece of equipment back to the barn to warm up. Our tow-able stand alone heater can heat your equipment in place, in the field. Whether you have ice buildup or difficulty starting a cold engine, or a pile of frozen material, our heater can be towed to location to thaw it out.

Building Heat

No heat in the barn or other out buildings? Is the temperature dropping below what is comfortable for your livestock or yourself to do some work? Start up our flameless heater and warm up your target area. Our units have large BTU and CFM ratings to easily heat these spaces. Check out our BTU calculator to estimate what unit it will take to heat your space.