We have provided flameless, dry, breathable heat for Ground Thawing, Concrete Curing, Structure Heating, and Emergency Thawing. We also provide air exchange in confined spaces and air chilling for worker and sensitive equipment safety. Depending on the scope and location of your application, our technical specialists will advise you of your options to get the job done.


Ground Thawing

Are you facing the task of breaking through frozen or frost laden ground or material piles? We have two options for ground thawing, heated blowing air or glycol hose systems. Ground thawing will get you to work faster and longer during construction seasons.

Concrete Curing

Do you need to maintain the temperature of your concrete pour? Are you concerned the ambient temperature will fall below your minimum temperature parameter? We can help control your curing temperatures until the job is complete.

Structure Climate Control

Structure heating and chilling is a common phase of construction. Whether you have a permanent, contained or hoarded structure, we can provide solutions to meet your targets. The benefits of flameless, breathable, dry heat or chilled air, is cleaner air for worker safety, elimination of fire hazards and reduction of condensation buildup.

Emergency Thawing

When the unexpected happens, we are there to help. Freezing up critical systems, structures, and utilities can have dire consequences. We are on call 24/7 and can mobilize quickly to resolve your ice blockages and get your site moving and back to work. We have worked extensively in emergency thawing and will provide timely, professional solutions. Call 1-877-855- HEAT and someone will be available to help you.