The Industry Leader in Supplying Flameless, Portable Heat Generating Units.


Artic Therm operates over 180 units in its fleet, Learn more about our different size flameless heaters available for rent.

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Industries we Serve

Artic Therm offers a number of unique and specialized services for Construction, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Industrial Plants, and many more.

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Our Technology

Our Patented Flameless Breathable technology maximizes both safety and performance. Learn more about Artic Therm.

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If you aren’t sure what size heater will meet your needs, access our BTU calculator to provide a guideline of how much heat you will require OR give us a call to discuss your application.

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Our units use a friction disc assembly bathed in a closed loop oil system. The disc agitates the oil and creates heat. 60% of our generated heat comes from this source, while the rest is drawn off the operation of the diesel engine and exhaust piping within the unit. We have brushless, sparkless alternators, murphy controls, double containment and positive air shutoff in place to ensure safe operation of our equipment, with efficiency ratings between 90%-94%. Our units are authorized to be in operation up to 7 meters to the wellhead.

Artic Therm flameless heaters provide economical fuel dollars/BTU. All of our fuel consumption rates are on our spec sheets for the model you’re looking for. These ratings are based on maximum RPM running of the unit.The fuel tank capacities are also listed so you can estimate how frequently you should be fueling up your unit. All of our heaters use #2 diesel.

Our head office is in Morinville, AB, north of Edmonton. We have various service centers throughout Western Canada.  Our customers range from British Columbia to Manitoba, including the Northwest Territories. If you require services or equipment in remote locations outside of these areas, give us a call to discuss feasibility and logistics to your site.


Alberta’s Top Choice for Grain Dryers

Artic Therm delivers its grain dryers all through Alberta, to learn more about what we can offer, give us a call!

Grain Drying Season is Here!

Grain Drying season is here, and our equipment is ready to go! Our grain bin dryers are fully serviced and can be deliver through Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C.  To learn more about our rental units give us a call!    


Artic Therm is proud to be offering a new service for the agriculture industry. The process of grain drying: Once a crop has been harvested it may be stored for a length of time before it is sold or used as feed. Length [...]

Encana Supervisor

I just wanted to drop a line in regard to my recent experience with your ATI 500 flameless heater. What interested me the most from our discussions was the idea of clean air for building construction. I was skeptical of the value of [...]

Bennett Consulting

I am a Consultant in Construction for Bellatrix, and I was very happy with the equipment and the service from Artic Therm.   I approached Artic Therm to heat an area that we had to pour concrete in and keep it warm enough [...]

Whaler Industrial Contracting Inc. Jay Lafond

September 30, 2015 Artic Therm International Attention: Shauna Holmes I contacted Artic Therm in early August to quote drying activities for pipeline delivery/receipt facilities (TransCanada pipeline from the Brion Energy site) in Fort MacKay. Artic Therm was contracted to dry facility pipeline to [...]

St. Albert Firefighters

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for such great support from Artic Therm! Every year the St. Albert firefighters camp out in February for four days during our roof top campaign for Muscular Dystrophy. This year was especially challenging [...]